Window Systems


GFS window systems - crisp, clean design and naturally strong

At GFS, we understand the technical regulations and standards demanded by todays construction industry and we ensure these inform every aspect of the design of our window systems. We also manufacture a range of complementary door systems for a truly end-to-end solution.

Choosing GFS window systems as part of your specification process means you’re ensuring:

  • An impressive cost performance ratio 

  • Excellent weight to strength performance

  • Required fire resistance and noise reduction

  • Products which are manufactured to the highest standards in line with Building Regulations,


British Standards and European Standards

All our window systems are expertly manufactured to BSI 9001:2015 and are available in a choice of materials and specifications.

Choose from a range of our window systems

Bespoke Aluminium Windows - The beauty of GFS aluminium systems, is that they can be precision-shaped to meet even the most innovative architectural window design. Aluminium is a durable and incredibly strong material, providing the ability to manufacture frames with slimmer, more elegant profiles. This protects the design and architectural integrity of your development and significantly increases glazed areas to allow more light in and to deliver enhanced thermal insulation and weatherproofing properties.


Bespoke Hybrid Windows - GFS hybrid windows are manufactured from a high insulation composite of aluminium and timber and are complimented by our range of hybrid door systems. Combining the strength, longevity and low maintenance of aluminium with the natural attributes of wood, our hybrid windows provide both high performance and an attractive visual appearance. All systems are made-to-measure, and we offer a selection of quality timber finishes to help ensure that your build positively relates to its surroundings.


Bespoke Steel Windows - In material terms, steel window frames are extremely hard wearing and stronger than virtually any other alternative window system. By direct comparison, steel is around three times stronger than aluminium, allowing for the creation of minimal aspects and expansive glazing areas, often demanded in modernist building construction and architectural styling. Due to their incredible material strength, steel windows add to the overall structural integrity of both commercial and residential builds. They also benefit from several architectural attributes, particularly their narrow sight lines. This combined with the unique aesthetic of steel means that, along with steel doors, they are often specified as a key structural component by leading architects and lead contractors.


Bespoke Fire Rated Windows - GFS fire rated windows are robustly designed to deliver effective protection in the event of a fire. Available in both opening or fixed variants, all our fire rated windows are manufactured to meet strict building regulations and are available across all standard European classifications.

All systems are entirely tailored to meet precise requirements, in both size and resistance specification and are manufactured with leading-edge, toughened, fire-rated glass.


Bespoke Bomb Blast Windows - GFS is committed to working with our clients to develop innovative glazing enhancements, designed to keep residents safe in even the most challenging circumstances. Our bomb blast windows are designed to mitigate against explosive forces and ballistic threat and are designed to meet current bomb blast standards. They incorporate innovative features including laminated, anti-shatter glass and blast enhanced frames.


Bespoke Secondary Windows - GFS design and manufacture bespoke secondary glazing for a range of applications. Our systems are particularly invaluable when renovating listed or architecturally precious properties for residential/commercial purpose, or when bringing such properties up to standard in terms of energy efficiency or weather-proofing. GFS secondary windows are fabricated to BSxxxx, precision made for a millimetre-perfect fit and designed to match existing sightlines for seamless integration.