Glass Systems


All glass systems which break architectural boundaries

The concept of frameless glass derives from some of the most renowned modernist architects of our time. Glass is an exceptional construction material and offers multiple benefits, both in practical and visual terms.

At GFS we help some of the UK’s most forward-thinking building designers and lead contractors to take construction into a new dimension. We work closely with clients to help them challenge engineering limitations and create extraordinary spaces, by creating near limitless frameless glass solutions.

Our bespoke all glass systems are specified by major names in modern building construction for whom only absolute precision and quality of fabrication will suffice.

Sustainable, energy efficient frameless glazing designed to enhance building design and resident experience

Structural glazing is the perfect way to blend interior and exterior spaces. It also delivers outstanding energy efficiency and ensures the fabric of your building protects against heat loss.

When frames, glazing bars and fixings are minimised, occupants of your building will benefit from:

  •  Uninterrupted vistas


  • Visually open living and working spaces, flooded with natural light


  • Striking architectural features

GFS all glass systems are completely bespoke. Whether you’re looking to create a domestic development with an aesthetic edge, or a dynamic and modern commercial construction, we’ll work closely with you to create uninterrupted visual spaces, which are seamlessly rooted in their environment.


Choose from a range of all glass systems

All Glass Balustrades - Whether you’re modernising an existing residential dwelling or leading major commercial scheme, we know that occupants often favour the clean lines of modern interior design. GFS balustrades are designed and manufactured off-site, ready to be delivered for installation at precisely the right stage in your scheme of works. Glass balustrades are not only sleek in appearance, they have the benefit of not blocking light, providing residents with uninterrupted views throughout a property. GFS glass balustrades are strong, safe and designed to complement and enhance virtually any internal design scheme.


Bespoke All Glass Systems - GFS’s expert team of designers and fabricators can design an all glass system to virtually any specification and scale. Whether you’re using frameless glass to partition rooms without blocking light, or creating an architectural, glazed focal point, we’ll work closely with you to create an all glass system which meets the required structural support specifications and delivers on your vision.