Door Systems


GFS door systems - manufactured to the highest standards for a durable result 

Whether you’re a main contractor delivering a significant commercial or domestic development, or an architect or building specifier, GFS has the expertise and capabilities to manufacture and install quality door systems to virtually any scale and complexity.

Our door systems are designed to integrate with window and curtain walling systems, providing a complete solution to architects and designers. Selecting GFS door systems as part of your build specification means you’ll benefit from:

  • A custom solution that's precision made to fit any size of aperture

  • Products manufactured in line with BSxxx for the highest levels of quality, performance and energy efficiency 

  • A choice of both traditional and contemporary material colours and finishes to complement any style of build

Open the door to an amazingly flexible and diverse choice of door systems

The reason that GFS door systems are now the preferred choice of so many leading construction professionals, is that we have the skills and infrastructure to manufacture every door to millimetre-perfect specifications. Any size, any shape, anywhere.

The only limit to our capabilities is your imagination and we’re able to design and fabricate all types of door, including:

  • Automatic

  • Folding & Sliding

  • Single & Dual Aspect

  • Inward & Outward Opening

In line with your own best practice and social inclusion targets, we design and manufacture a range of low threshold options which meet Building Regulations Part M, promoting safe and easy access for everyone.


Choose from a range of door specifications 

Bespoke Aluminium Doors - Aluminium is a durable and incredibly strong material, providing the ability to manufacture doors with slimmer frames and larger glass areas for an expansive view. It’s robust, easy to maintain and extremely recyclable, promoting sustainable construction practice. This is further supported by aluminium’s weatherproofing properties which optimises energy efficiency and helps to lower energy bills. All GFS aluminium folding, sliding, automatic, and dual/single aspect doors are manufactured to meet British Standards. Our windows are available in a range of powder coat finishes for improved eco-ratings and we also offer a full range of complementary aluminium windows.

Bespoke Hybrid Doors - As with our hybrid window systems, GFS hybrid doors are meticulously manufactured to meet robust performance and energy efficiency standards. Our bespoke composite doors provide the perfect combination; a choice of smooth, warm timber finishes internally with the durability of an aluminium outer profile. The engineered timber we use in our hybrid door system is sustainably sourced, extremely strong and will not twist of warp – the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and low-maintenance durability. All hybrid door systems manufactured by GFS are designed to meet acoustic performance and thermal insulation demands and, as our composite doors are infinitely recyclable, they also contribute to meeting industry design and construction sustainability targets.

Bespoke Steel Doors - Whether you’re designing an expansive commercial development or leading the construction of a major residential scheme, specifying galvanised steel framed door systems offers several benefits in construction. GFS steel doors are manufactured to add to the overall structural integrity of both commercial and residential builds, whilst offering the visual benefits and high thermal performance of minimal aspects. All GFS bespoke steel doors provide high levels of integral strength and security and are tested to the latest European standards to meet twisting and buckling resistance ratings. Steel doors from GFS deliver on both intruder resistance and sustainability requirements and are specifically designed to integrate with our steel windows and curtain walling systems, providing an end-to-end solution for architects and lead contractors.

Bespoke Fire Rated Doors - Whether you’re responsible for designing or constructing a newly built development, or bringing an existing building up to standard in terms of safety, GFS fire rated doors are engineered to protect. We work with some of the UK’s most prominent homebuilders, architects and commercial property designers, all of whom trust us to help them put occupant safety at the top of their agenda. As with our fire rated window, GFS fire rated doors meet required building regulations and standard European safety classifications and are tested to EN 1634 and BS 476 to meet both fire resistance and insulation performance standards. All systems are entirely tailored to meet precise requirements in both size and resistance specification and are manufactured with industry leading, toughened, fire-rated glass.

Bespoke Bomb Blast Doors - GFS has many years of experience helping development contractors to deliver specialist, security-enhanced building schemes for both the public and private sector. We’re committed to working with our clients to develop innovative glazing enhancements, designed to keep residents safe, in even the most challenging circumstances and, as you’d expect, all bespoke GFS bomb blast doors are designed to meet current blast protection standards. We understand the complexities associated with the specification bomb proof glazing systems and the highly bespoke nature of projects which demand such features. At GFS we possess the technological credentials to manufacture solutions, which provide absolute peace of mind that building integrity and occupant safety will be protected in the event of an explosive attack. In line with accompanying bomb blast windows, our bomb blast doors incorporate blast enhanced frames and high-performance, anti-spall glazing, whilst still maintaining slim profiles for discreet and seamless integration.

Bespoke Bullet Resistant Doors - We’re the manufacturing partner of choice for a number of market leaders who specialise in the construction or enhancement of high-risk buildings, for both private and Public Sector buildings in high risk classifications. GFS bullet resistant doors are bullet resistance tested to EN 1522-1523 standards, incorporating next generation xxxx glass and xxxx frames to ensure that, in the unlikely event of a ballistic attack, your buildings doors will provide a robust and reliable first line of defence to protect the occupants inside.